When you think of a butcher, you’ll most likely picture the butcher counter at a big-box supermarket rather than a traditional brick and mortar store. Thanks to a culture of convenience, this has become the norm for most grocery shoppers.

But the rise of consumer education has brought with it new levels of environmental and ethical consciousness among consumers who are now interested in buying high-quality meat that was produced in a more sustainable manner. This means that more and more, they are turning to their local butchers to supply them with more high-quality products.

Here are a few reasons to buy from your local butcher, Marbled Meats:


Local butchers are specialized in their trade, and many have dozens of years of experience. Every professional butcher is well-trained, but there is a wealth of knowledge that can be only learned through experience. This knowledge is exclusive to independent butchers who manage every aspect of their business and know the trade inside and out. As our customer, we are proud to pass on that knowledge of experience to you.


While you might consider the variety located at your butcher counter at the supermarket to be everything you need, you’ll never get to experience any diversity in those products. They’ll be the same everytime you go back each week. Local butchers, on the other hand, have unparalleled flexibility when it comes to custom orders and preparations. If you need a special cut of meat for a family dish or tradition, chances are you’ll find it at the local butcher. And if not, they can most likely source it for you after a friendly conversation. At Marbled Meats, we also curate our inventory based on seasonal quality as well as taste. Allow us to handle all of your needs by making regular orders or letting us handle your special requests.


While local butchers can’t provide as much convenience to consumers as supermarkets, wholesale clubs or frozen food chains, what we CAN provide is exceptional quality. At Marbled Meats, we only use reputable sources, delivered locally, that provide us with the freshest possible products and ingredients straight to our shelves without exception. If you want to eat high-quality food as well as support local businesses, stop by Marbled Meats!


Aside from quality, your local butcher can also provide you with a level of transparency simply not offered by big-box grocery stores. While it may be convenient to grab a slab of ground beef on your way out with your eggs and milk, you won’t know when the meat was prepared or what went into it, or even where it came from half the time. When you go to a local butcher like Marbled Meats, you can see and ask about the entire process. You can choose your cut, have it prepared to order, right in front of your eyes. You can walk out with the confidence knowing your meat was not handled unnecessarily, and that there were no additives involved.

If you are considering buying meat in bulk, there are a few things you need to know so that you can decide if this option is right for you. It’s important to understand the process to determine whether or not buying in bulk is worth it because it may not be suitable for everyone, so you need to consider your needs and your situation.

One of the biggest advantages of buying meat in bulk is the fact that you will know a lot more about your meat and will be able to find the answers you are after. Meat can be purchased in small quantities at grocery stores, but you will not know who raised it or how the animal lived and died, or the conditions in which it spent its life. This information matters and is becoming more and more important, especially as more of us start paying attention to the foods we consume and how they affect our health and bodies. While a grocery store cannot provide you with answers, meat suppliers, butcher shops, and farmers can and knowing where your food comes from will make a big difference because it will provide you with peace of mind.

You will know a lot more about the meats you are buying because you can talk to the supplier directly and can ask them as many questions as you have. You will receive direct answers and will not have to rely on the label and will be able to better understand the differences between the types of animal diets like grass-fed or grain-fed, for example. There are many misconceptions about eating meat, but a bulk supplier can provide you with clarification, and you will feel more comfortable about your choices as a result. Another advantage to this option is that you will never run out of meat because when you buy in bulk, your freezer will remain fully stocked, which is very convenient. You will be prepared every time you want to cook a meal and will always have this ingredient on hand.

If you are serious about buying meat in bulk, you need to make sure you have the space for it because this amount of meat will require extra freezer space. If you have a small freezer, you will not be able to store your meat, so you will have to make the necessary arrangements. It’s also important to note that this type of purchase requires an upfront investment because you will be paying for several months’ worth of meat all at once, so you need to make sure your budget will allow for it.If you want to purchase meat in bulk, Marbled Meats Co can help! We are a Canadian meat supplier and offer wholesale meat and halal options throughout Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton. If you’d like quality meat and require more information, contact us today!

If you’ve ever shopped for meat, you have likely seen halal options. A lot of people see this label but are not sure of its meaning, so the following information can help: the word halal means permissible in Arabic and halal food follows Islamic law the way it is defined in the Koran.

Halal meat, in particular, refers to the specific way in which animals are slaughtered and the killing process involves a cut to the jugular vein, carotid artery and windpipe. The animal must be both alive and healthy at the time of slaughter and all of the blood must be drained from the carcass during the process. A dedication is recited by a Muslim during the process as well.

Stunning cannot be used during the killing process of the animal but can be used if the animal survives, as long as it is then killed by halal methods. Stunning eliminates unnecessary suffering and this is why it is often used prior to the slaughtering process.

The difference between halal meat and other meat is the way in which the animal is slaughtered and that the animal was blessed as it was being killed. A lot of people wonder if halal meat is similar to kosher meat and there are some similarities in the method of slaughter as a surgically sharp knife and specially trained individuals are involved in both. However, halal meat requires a blessing to be part of the slaughter process, whereas kosher practices do not and Jewish law forbids the use of stunning. Both religions forbid the consumption of certain parts of the carcass and halal specifically forbids the consumption of the animal’s testicles and bladder. 

Halal meats allow retailers and restaurants to make their products suitable for Muslim consumers. Most supermarkets have a halal section and this type of meat can be found on the shelves of most grocery stores. Reading the labels will provide you with a better understanding of the product and will provide you with more information regarding how the food is prepared. As a consumer, you should be told whether an animal was stunned before they were slaughtered as well as the method of slaughter so that you are informed. This can affect the meat you purchase, so check the labels the next time you are unsure. 

Marbled Meats Co in Toronto can provide you with more information regarding halal meat and the way it is prepared. We are a professional meat supplier that can provide you with quality meats, so whether you need wholesale meat options or a halal meat supplier, we can help! If you are in the Toronto area, give us a call today and we will gladly provide you with more details!