If you want to keep your meats fresh for a longer period than their stated expiration date, freezing them would allow you to do this. Freezing meat products is ideal for anyone who may not get to cook their meat before the specified date but is especially useful for those who buy their meat in bulk.

Most people do not know how long frozen meat is good for, so it’s natural to wonder exactly how long meat can stay frozen while remaining safe to eat. If you have been curious about this matter, you will be happy to know that frozen meat is safe to eat at any time, so you can store your meat in your freezer indefinitely. This is because keeping food frozen helps prevent the growth of microorganisms that cause food spoilage and lead to foodborne illnesses. While this is great, it is important to note that this applies only to meats that are stored at exactly 0 degrees Fahrenheit without fluctuation; otherwise, this rule will not apply. Your meats must also be frozen uniformly at that temperature to keep harmful bacteria away.

Temperature changes will affect your meat and its lifespan, and your meats may no longer be healthy to eat. The process of thawing and refreezing will disrupt the bacteria and mold that naturally grow in ageing food, so this would ruin the meat, and you would no longer be able to use it. You should never allow your meats to thaw if you plan on refreezing them because this will allow bacteria and mold to multiply.

It’s also important to note that just because you can cook meat that has been frozen, you shouldn’t keep it in your freezer for years because you will probably not like how it tastes once you do cook it to eat. Frozen meats last but it is not recommended that you take advantage of this, so try to cook them within a reasonable time frame. While it’s not a rule, it is better to throw away uncooked steaks, roasts and chops if they have been in your freezer for a year and toss uncooked ground meat after four months. Cooked meats that are frozen should be tossed after three months.

One tip that will help you stay on track is to write the expiration date on your meat before you put it in the freezer so that you have a reminder of when to cook it. This will prevent the meat from going to waste, and you will not get tricked into eating meat that is no longer safe. Some frozen meats will look fine even if they have expired, so you need to pay attention to the dates.

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Halal-certified meats are available in today’s market to serve different communities and accommodate their needs. You can find naturally-raised and organic meats that are blessed by halal certifiers, so you can enjoy beef, chicken and lamb, all of which are available as halal meats.

Halal blessers have sworn a holy oath and perform their duties with honesty and integrity to bring consumers what they need. They follow a specific procedure, and the process of animal slaughtering is very different for halal meats, which are prepared following Islamic rules. A humane and quick cut is made through the esophagus, veins and arteries of the animal’s neck after reciting Allah’s name and continuously reciting a specific blessing. This single cut is the only one the animal will endure.

Halal-certified meats also ensure that every aspect of the process meets the rules of halal and Islamic dietary requirements, so you can have peace of mind knowing the cleaning, sanitization, processing, and packaging are all proper and have been completed correctly. The animals are all naturally raised on organically-grown grass and are not fed any animal by-products. They are also not grown with any antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones, and these animals are raised with care and kindness. Every part of the production process strictly conforms to the rules of Halal, and these meats are processed separately from other products.

Most meat suppliers will allow you to order beef, lamb and whole or pieced chickens as halal, and these particular products will come with a halal certification sticker attached to the box to confirm that they are in fact halal, meaning the product has been raised and processed according to a strict halal process and the sticker is your guarantee.

Certified organic and naturally raised halal chicken is sold directly from farms to suppliers, and these birds are grown to the highest standards meaning they are raised in comfortable and cage-free conditions and are treated with care. Additionally, these birds are drug and antibiotic-free, so you will be able to taste the difference because organic chicken is a lot better, and many professional chefs are using organic ingredients exclusively because they provide better flavours that are richer. The same is true of naturally pasture-raised halal beef, and there are a number of options to choose from in this category. You can order a side or a half-side of beef if you have the freezer space or can select mixed boxes that contain a selection of different cuts. You can also order individual cuts of halal beef, so whether you need sirloin steaks, tenderloin steaks, rib-eye steaks or flank steaks, you will be able to find halal options.

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