As a meat lover, you have had your fair share of meat in the past. To you, finding the perfect cut of meat to complement your meal can be just as important as finding the compliments themselves. Perhaps you have been using one or two cuts frequently and haven’t explored the excellent variety of cuts available to you. While there are definitely some “preferred” cuts, each cut has its use, and with the right tools and knowledge, you can make any cut of meat shine. Here are a few tips for some of the best options when you’re trying to decide what works the best for your next dinner.

Show Off Your Best Marinade With The Beef Tri-tip

This excellent cut of meat is also known as the bottom sirloin roast, or triangle roast. It is free of bones, reasonably tender, and loaded with flavour. The tri-tip features a loose, fibrous texture that makes it ideal for marinades, as it can very easily permeate the meat thoroughly and create an incredible flavour profile that will always leave you wanting more.

Skirt Or Flank Steaks Are Excellent For Your World-class Rub

The idea behind a good rub is that they add an extra kick of flavour without being too overpowering. Skirt and flank steaks are thin cuts that cook fairly quickly, turning your spice rub into a crackly and savoury crust. When you cut into your steak, you will have the perfect balance of meat and rub to take you on a taste journey unlike any other.

When Money Is Tight, The Sirloin Is A Great Bang For Your Buck

When people think of sirloin, they might initially think of the top sirloin, well-known for being an excellent cut. However, there are other cheaper parts of the sirloin like the sirloin tip that are often overlooked. They have no shortage of beefy flavour, but this lean cut can be temperamental when it comes to overcooking.

For The Best Flavour, You Can’t Beat The Pork Or Beef Rib Classic

Meat is very well known to be extremely flavourful when cooked on the bone, and there is certainly no shortage of them in a rack of ribs. The longer a rack is left to cook, the more flavourful your meat. Find yourself a good rub or marinade to complement your meat, and you will quickly find yourself on a one-way trip to flavour-town.

The Crème De La Crème, The Porterhouse Steak

An excellent treat for anyone looking for a true beef experience. The porterhouse combines two top cuts of meat—the New York strip and the filet mignon—into one incredible cut for two. This cut is particularly well-known for its larger filet when compared to the very similar T-Bone. An excellent option for dinner-for-two!

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