Certain qualities will help indicate whether or not a piece of meat is of good quality and healthy. It is important to look at these qualities so that you purchase good meat that is suitable to eat, and the following tips will help with your selection:

The colour                

While this aspect will vary based on the breed and age of the animal, it is important to know what to look for. Fresh beef should be dark, whereas fresh lamb should be a bright red. Fresh venison should be anywhere from a reddish tone to a dark brown that is significantly different from the other meats around it. Poultry is different because its colour can be affected by the food that was consumed. Another tip to remember is that the colour of meat in younger animals is usually brighter than older ones.

The appearance of the surface

The surfaces of meat must look smooth and flawless, for the most part. If you can see pressure points in poultry meat, it would be wise to pass on it as it can be an indication of poor quality.

The smell

The odour of meat should never make you feel uncomfortable, so if you find the smell to be odd or overwhelming, it is likely not a good piece of meat because fresh meat that is of high-quality should smell neutral.

The expiration date

Make sure you check this aspect because it will provide you with a timeline regarding the freshness of the meat. No foods, especially meats, should be eaten after the expiry date because it can be dangerous and harmful to your health. Some meats spoil quickly and others need to be cooked right away, so make sure you check the date.

The packaging

Meat should be packed in a clean manner with no excessive juices floating around. The packaging should be dry and undamaged and its condition will tell you a lot about the way the meat was handled along the way, so check on this aspect and inspect the packaging so that you don’t end up with low-quality meat.


Juiciness in meat is not always a bad thing; however, if the piece of meat is surrounded by juices and seems to be floating in it, you will want to stay away from it as it is not of good quality. This is true whether the meat is packaged or behind the counter.

Selecting good meat is extremely important because you want to ensure you will be putting good food into your body. High-quality meats taste better and are a lot healthier for you, so you need to take the time to recognize good meat, and Marbled Meats Co can help in this regard. We are a meat supplier in Toronto who only offers the best when it comes to quality, so whether you need wholesale meat or a halal meat supplier, we can help, so contact us today!