There are plenty of meats out there, from the everyday mundane types to the absolute exotic. Although everyone has their preferences, there are some meats that end up better than others. One of the best is easily Alberta beef, recognized the world over for its richness and consistent quality. But what makes Alberta beef so unique and sought after?

Why and Where

When Alberta was first opened to settlers, large land parcels were granted to ranchers and cattle were imported without taxation; cows were originally not native to North America. As cattle ranchers became increasingly established, innovations were made in irrigation and animal welfare, which helped improve cattle health and the quality of their food sources. Through building on these and other advances, the province’s beef industry made the most out of the region’s already excellent geography and climate.

Developing the Beef

Although other rural regions could support similar agricultural set-ups like Alberta’s, few can equal the province’s commitment to improving the sector. Given the focus of the oil sector within Alberta, the agricultural sector has had less pressure placed on it financially. This has allowed for more focus and development through subsidization, research, and education, which has made Alberta a leader in innovation technologically for agriculture.

Feeding and Processing

Thanks to all these developments and innovations, Alberta’s beef has developed a rich taste, consistent quality, and equal fat distribution. However, one of the most important parts of Alberta’s secret recipe is their cows’ diet. Instead of typical corn feed, cows are fed and “finished” (a process wherein the cow’s feed is changed as they transition to slaughtering age and size) using grains like barley and rye. When combined with the province’s numerous advantages, the cattle’s diet is just the final component of creating high-quality and great tasting beef that stands ahead of every competitor. Based in Alberta, Marbled Meats Co. is your source for tender, succulent, and award-winning prime AAA Alberta beef direct from the farm. From North America to Southeast Asia, we’re recognized globally as the premier wholesale supplier of quality, hand-slaughtered premier halal beef. We provide the best Albertan beef for excellent prices, alongside offering inventory management systems to help minimize storage costs commonly associated with over-ordering. No matter who you are or where you’re located, Marbled Meat Co. guarantees fresh AAA halal wholesale Albertan beef delivered internationally and at flexible prices. Call 1-844-666-3287 or go to and place your order today.